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Free Agent & Waivers Rules

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Free Agent & Waivers Rules

Post by War on Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:16 pm

Just consolidating the rules in one place:

There is a limit of 2 free agent acquisitions per week. This includes free agents and waivers.

Do not post before advance, as all posts before then will be voided. Do not sign players who are currently on waivers. Any players you acquire via free agency or waivers you may not trade until the next season - per our new rule that you cannot trade any players acquired in the same season via any transaction (trades, FA, and waivers included).

Every week, those players that are dropped will be placed on waivers, with the worst teams getting earlier picks and the better teams getting later picks. To claim a player, PM me (Warmaster91) with your team name and the position, name, and overall of the player you want to claim. I will collect all claims, and at the end of the week, meaning early in the next week, your claims will be processed.

Claims are permanent, meaning you cannot claim a player and then pull back a claim. Claims also will count as one of your free agent acquisitions per week, so if you put in claims for more than 2 players, and win all of them, then you will only be awarded the first two you claim. Also, if you use up your free agent acquisitions, don't bother putting in claims for that week, as I will check this and deny any such claims.

If you claim a player and decide you do not want the player, that player will still count as one of your FA acquisitions for the week. You must post this player in the next claims thread as a waived player and that player will be on waivers for another week.

For the first week, every player in the FA pool is on waivers, meaning if you want to add a FA you must put a claim in to sign them Week 2. All players released must be posted in the Waivers thread that will be posted for each week. Each advance, I will post a thread with the current claim order and in the previous thread post which players were awarded to which teams.

Waiver order will be determined by win-loss record and point differentials.

You may claim players that will place you over cap, but you must make transactions to remain under cap to keep that player. Otherwise, they will revert back to waivers for the following week.

Waivers will be due at 5 PM EST leading up to the week advance. If you send in waiver claims after this deadline, they will not be processed. You may not add any players you win on claims until you have played your game for that week (meaning if you claim somebody in Week 2, you may not use that player until Week 3.) Waivers will always be posted before advance.

Players who clear waivers may not be signed until the week after their waivers process is completed. If you want that player that week, claim him!

If you consistently neglect to post your released players or free agent signings, I will ban you from free agency and/or waivers for a specified period. I will be somewhat lenient about this, but if you almost never post, I will ban you.

Most importantly, all transactions MUST BE POSTED BEFORE EXECUTED IN GAME.

Waivers will not start until Week 1 of the Regular Season.

ADDITION 01/01/12: Effective immediately, you may not cut or sign players during the playoffs unless in contention.

ADDITION 01/26/13: Effective immediately, teams will be limited to claiming one 85+ player per week (in the event of multiple high overall releases).

ADDITION 03/05/13: Effective immediately, teams may sign any FA (after posting) of 70 overall or under. Any players claimed off of waivers at 70 or under overall will still count against the two total signings allowed per week.

Franchise Record: 224-209
Playoffs Record: 3-6

Madden 15 (Broncos): 15-24
Season 27: 3-4
Season 26: 9-7 (3rd Division)
Season 25: 3-13 (4th Division)

Madden 25 (Broncos): 61-28
Season XX: 2-1 (DNF)
Season 24: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)
Season 23: 12-4 (1st Division, L in Super Bowl)
Season XX: 5-1 (DNF)
Season 22: 9-7 (2nd Division)
Season 21: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)
Season 20: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)

Madden 13 (49ers) Season XX: 4-5 (DNF)

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