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Lazereyes 4-2
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Warren 6-0
Mauve 3-3
Obama 2-4
Justiceleague 2-5


Owner Record
Hellcat 6-0
Elite 4-2
BigRed 3-4
mota 2-4


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Rain 6-1
tdwheat 3-4
War 3-4
Parker 1-5
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M10 - SEASON 1

ddhamaka 21
Yaozer 13

M10 - SEASON 2

Mauve 31
BigRed 3

M11 - SEASON 3

Wiggler 36
Elite 33

M11 - SEASON 4

Yaozer 35
phil 14

M11 - SEASON 5

Yaozer 38
Hellcat 28

M11 - SEASON 6

Justice 20
Langston 17

M11 - SEASON 7

Yaozer 30

M12 - SEASON 8

PTC 31
Lethal 30

M12 - SEASON 9

Yaozer 34
BigRed 31

M12 - SEASON 10

PTC 17
Prince 16

M12 - SEASON 11

Prince 45
Philly 28

M12 - SEASON 12

Hellcat 35
NorrinRadd 33

M12 - SEASON 13

NorrinRadd 28
Philly 17

Season 12 Preview

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Season 12 Preview

Post by War on Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:21 pm

Brought to you by SMR and War, here's a preview of every team heading into the new season.

Arizona Cardinals
Notable Pickups: LB Kashawn Reedy, OT Keeston Brooks, DE Lamar Houston
Notable Losses: DE Darnell Dockett, LB Sam Acho
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction: 9-7
Summary: After a poor showing last season, Arizona GM Chuko went out and got one of the top rookie linebackers to shore up the linebacker core and a rookie offensive tackle through the draft. The trade for Lamar Houston and subsequent jettison of aging veteran Darnell Dockett signals a movement to get younger on the defensive line. The Cardinals could be a wild-card contender this season, but expect the 49ers to win the NFC West once again.

Atlanta Falcons
Notable Pickups: HB Easton McDonald, DE Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Shaun Rogers
Notable Losses: HB Jacquizz Rodgers
Last Seasons: 11-5
Prediction: 11-5
Summary: Falcons GM edgar went into the offseason after losing to the Cowboys juggernaut in the NFC Divisional round with a goal in mind: improve the defense. With that mindset, free agent Jacquizz Rodgers was allowed to walk and Atlanta signed Muhammad Wilkerson to bolster the defensive line. Via trade, aging tackle Shaun Rogers was acquired to add to one of the more talented defensive lines in the conference.

Baltimore Ravens
Notable Pickups: OT Yvon Crawford, SS Keiwone Anderson, DE Jaquese Haynes
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction: 10-6
Summary: After last season's flop under GM IDropBombz, the Ravens briefly underwent a period of NFL Committee oversight during the drafting process. During this time period, the team acquired several top-notch rookies to bolster areas of need and account for the imminent departures of several veterans. This season, new GM Quick II Draw is expected to bring the Ravens back to relevance.

Buffalo Bills
Notable Pickups: CB Brandon Flowers, CB Cortland Finnegan, TE Jason Witten
Notable Losses: TE Heath Miller, SS Roman Harper, CB Aaron Williams
Last Season: 9-7
Prediction: 13-3
Summary: Following a season where Buffalo barely won the AFC East, GM Hellcat looks set to make the team a true contender for the upcoming season. The Bills jettisoned several aging players while acquiring an elite cornerback duo in Flowers and Finnegan. Additionally, stud Jason Witten was brought in as a free agent after the unexpected release by Dallas. Expect Buffalo to take commanding control of the division this season.

Carolina Panthers
Pickups: WR Calvin Johnson, CB Brandon Hogan, DT Marcus Reeder, DE
Dalen Myers, RB Herschel Hawkins, CB Treyvon Randall, C Dallas Lloyd
Notable Losses: WR Percy Harvin, CB Darrelle Revis
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction: 12-4
Summary: The past offseason was a tumultuous one for the Panthers, to say the least. Following a disappointing 4-12 season that brought the attention of the NFL Committee for suspicion of tampering, GM GGiSuckAtGaming made moves to acquire an amazing six first round draft picks. In the process speedster receiver Percy Harvin and elite corner Darrelle Revis were sent packing, but the acquisition of Calvin "Megatron" Johnson and the influx of young talent should prove to make Carolina a top contender once again.

Chicago Bears
Notable Pickups:CB Darrelle Revis, WR Percy Harvin, DE Trevor Scott, DE Darnell Dockett, WR Justin Cooper
Notable Losses: WR Calvin Johnson, CB Brandon Hogan, OT Kareem McKenzie, DE Shaun Ellis
Last Season: 8-8
Prediction: 6-10
Summary: With another mediocre season, Chicago GM ChillyRy attempted to mix the roster up with the acquisition of several veteran players and a mega-trade with Carolina that saw the departure of Calvin Johnson and Brandon Hogan in return for elite corner Darrelle Revis and speedster Percy Harvin. With the addition of Trevor Scott and Darnell Dockett, Chicago improved a weak defensive line, yet in a re-emerging NFC the Bears will likely regress this season.

Cincinnati Bengals
Notable Pickups: QB Blaine Gabbert, HB James Starks, WR Marquel Forrest, DE Brett Keisel, LB Ikeem Smith, CB Chris Rucker
Notable Losses: QB Andy Dalton, OG Bobbie Williams, LB Rey Maualuga, CB Tracy Porter
Last Season: 14-2
Prediction: 11-5
Summary: Last season's AFC regular season champions, the Bengals failed to make the Super Bowl after winning it all twice in the past four seasons. Expressing distaste with quarterback Andy Dalton's play down the stretch, GM PTC chose to send Dalton in a package deal for Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert among trades for halfback James Starks, corner Chris Rucker, and linebacker Ikeem Smith. In a division where Cleveland has emerged as a contender and Baltimore is shaping up like a legitimate contender as well, look for Cincinnati to have a tougher job of winning the AFC North.

Cleveland Browns
Notable Pickups: CB Jahmeek Carter, HB Devaughn Bell, HB Romonn Nesby
Notable Losses: HB Peyton Hillis, LB Keith Bulluck
Last Season: 12-4
Prediction: 9-7
Summary: Last season proved to be a breakout season for Cleveland, with the Browns flourishing for the first time under GM rolph's oversight. Following the retirement of longtime linebacker Keith Bullock and subsequent jettison of bruising runner Peyton Hillis, Cleveland signed and drafted a couple of young, talented halfbacks to replace Hillis. The Browns should contend for a wild-card spot once again this season with Cincinnati having the AFC North locked up for another consecutive season.

Dallas Cowboys
Notable Pickups: QB Ben Roethlisberger, HB Marshawn Lynch, K Nate Kaeding, WR Mike Williams
Notable Losses: QB Tony Romo, TE Jason Witten, HB Steven Jackson, LB DeMarcus Ware, DE Will Smith
Last Season: 15-1
Prediction: 14-2
Summary: Following another tremendous season that saw Dallas win the NFC East once again behind a fantastic 15-1 record, GM Yaozer031 continues in his pursuit of another Super Bowl appearance with yet another offseason of personnel overhaul. Due to salary cap concerns, big name players like Jason Witten, Tony Romo, and Steven Jackson were cut and DeMarcus Ware was dealt to the Buccaneers. With the free agent signings of Ben "Big Rapist" Roethlisberger, Marshawn Lynch, and the trade acquisition of receiver Mike Williams, look for Dallas to maintain their status as a dominant force in the NFC.

Denver Broncos
Notable Pickups: DE Trayshaun Carter, OG Caleb Spzor, DE Reshaud Dorsey, WR Mike Wallace, FS Eric Weddle
Notable Losses: DE Lamar Houston, DE Elvis Dumervil, WR Eric Decker
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction: 6-10
Summary: After yet another bust season from Denver, an offseason overhaul was in the works. With the departure of Elvis "Doom" Dumervil and several other key starters, GM busturdust did exactly that. With the acquisition of several key rookies, stud receiver Mike Wallace, and veteran safety Eric Weddle, the Broncos look to start a turn-around for the Mile High Franchise this season.

Detroit Lions
Notable Pickups: FB Le’Ron McClain, LB Frederick Bradley
Notable Losses: LB Justin Durant
Last Season: 6-10
Prediction: 7-9
Summary: In a season that took Detroit from seasonal cellar-dwellers to near contenders in a very weak NFC North, GM immortalcry seems intent on continuing the trend with the acquisition of veteran Le'Ron McClain and rookie linebacker Frederick Bradley, while jettisoning unnecessary veteran linebacker Justin Durant. In a division that's up for grabs, the Lions could possibly be relevant this season.

Green Bay Packers
Notable Pickups: LB Devonte’ Dickerson, TE Artavious Kilgo
Notable Losses: CB Edwin Johnson
Last Season: 11-5
Prediction: 7-9
Summary: Green Bay was a surprising contender last season, although arguably because of such a poor NFC North group. With the trade for upcoming stud Devonte' Dickerson, GM NorrinRadd showed his want to continue dominance of the division. With the emergence of Detroit, the Packers may have a challenge on their hands for the division title.

Houston Texans
Notable Pickups: TE Heath Miller, LB DaDa Sanders
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 3-13
Prediction: 7-9
Summary: Following a regime change mid-season that saw Houston flop, new GM GXRJEDI shored up several positions with the acquisition of Heath Miller and rookie linebacker DaDa Sanders. Both fill positions of need, and with little personnel loss, Houston should re-emerge as an outside contender for the AFC South.

Indianapolis Colts
Notable Pickups: WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Dwayne Bowe, CB Ben Morris, HB Jacquizz Rodgers, LB Rey Maualuga, CB Tracy Porter
Notable Losses: CB Cortland Finnegan, LB Ikeem Smith, CB Chris Rucker, TE Jacob Tamme
Last Season: 9-7
Prediction: 7-9
Summary: Another offseason, another period of major overhaul in Indianapolis. GM OPHare continued his seasonal overhaul with the acquisition of stud wideouts Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe. With an interchange of cornerbacks and linebackers, Indianapolis looks to be a contender in a very competitive AFC South.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Notable Pickups: QB Andy Dalton, RG Case Post, DE Tyler Turner
Notable Losses: QB Blaine Gabbert, WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
Last Season: 8-8
Prediction: 8-8
Summary: Following several winning seasons, Jacksonville fell into mediocrity with an 8-8 finish last season behind poor play from up-and-down quarterback Blaine Gabbert. GM Warmaster reacted to this by sending Gabbert to Cincinnati in return for Andy Dalton while also shoring up the offensive line following long-time center Brad Meester's retirement. With a re-arranged defensive line and re-focused offense, Jacksonville looks to improve upon last year and capture the AFC South in a competitive group of teams.

Kansas City Chiefs
Notable Pickups: LB Justin Durant, HB Joshua Fletcher, FS Earl Thomas
Notable Losses: HB James Starks, LB Devonte’ Dickerson, DE Cliff Avril, CB Brandon Flowers, FB Le’Ron McClain
Last Season: 11-5
Prediction: 10-6
Summary: Kansas City made a surprising appearance in the Super Bowl last season, but don't expect them back anytime soon. GM PhillyDieHard made some very questionable moves, jettisoning several top-notch players in Brandon Flowers, Cliff Avril, James Starks, and Devonte' Dickerson and bringing in few upgrades/replacements. Kansas City has a decent chance to repeat in the AFC West, but Oakland in very close in the rear-view mirror.

Miami Dolphins
Notable Pickups: WR Rayvon Benjamin, OT Barry Richardson, LB Avion Nix
Notable Losses: WR Santana Moss
Last Season: 9-7
Prediction: 12-4
Summary: Following a season that saw Miami barely miss out on the playoffs, GM BigRedmon made several moves in an attempt to make the Dolphins a true contender once again; rookie receiver Benjamin looks to replace Santana Moss after his retirement and both offensive tackle Barry Richardson and rookie linebacker Avion Nix seem set to make an immediate impact for the team. Barring injuries, Miami should improve to win the division.

Minnesota Vikings
Notable Pickups: DT Casey Hampton, SS Quentin Mikell, P Dustin Colquitt, QB Alec Ford
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 6-10
Prediction: 4-12
Summary: A seasonal cellar-dweller in the sub-par NFC North, Minnesota improved to 6-10 after several consecutive dismal seasons. With the acquisitions of several talented veterans (albeit at a very extreme cost) and the steal of rookie quarterback Alec Ford in the second round, Minnesota is more talented than last season. However, the Vikings have proven to choke consistently throughout the season, and this season should prove similar to those in the past.

New England Patriots
Notable Pickups: None
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 8-8
Prediction: 4-12
Summary: With the departure of yet another regime in New England, the Patriots are entering a new phase under current GM dasamman. Under the control of the NFL Committee for the offseason, little movement occurred in team personnel. In a division where every other team improved, expect New England to finish below both Miami and Buffalo.

New Orleans Saints
Notable Pickups: LG Marcus Hardin
Notable Losses : None
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction 6-10
Summary: Having traded the majority of their picks during the season. GM AntsGotD did little during the offseason, with the addition of rookie guard Marcus Hardin being the only significant addition. Heading into the season, expect the Saints to be largely irrelevant.

New York Giants
Notable Pickups: TE Jacob Tamme, DE Da’Quan Bowers, QB Christian Ponder
Notable Losses: WR Dwayne Bowe
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction: 2-14
Summary: Following another season of little relevance in the NFC East, GM RG2EZ looked to make a splash this offseason, with the acquisition of several starting players - albeit at the cost of receiver Dwayne Bowe. In a competitive division, the Giants will likely continue to be a bottom-of-the-barrel team.

New York Jets
Notable Pickups: HB Peyton Hillis, CB Jeremy Patrick
Notable Losses: QB Mark Sanchez
Last Season: 3-13
Prediction: 3-13
Summary: New York teams have hit hard times, with both the Jets and Giants suffering losing records for consecutive seasons at this point. GM stoney attempted to change it up with the release of long-time quarterback Mark Sanchez and acquisition of runner Peyton Hillis, he did exactly that. The Jets don't look like a team of winners though, and the locker room is as bad as ever. Expect nothing different from New York this season.

Oakland Raiders
Notable Pickups: HB Steven Jackson, OT Torian Monroe, DE Cliff Avril, SS Stephen O’Neal, WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
Notable Losses: HB Rashard Mendenhall, WR Larry Fitzgerald, DE Da’Quan Bowers, FS Earl Thomas, DT Shaun Rogers, DE Trevor Scott, DE Tyler Turner
Last Season: 10-6
Prediction: 9-7
Summary: The Oakland Raiders are a team that can never decide what direction they're going to go...probably in part to the suspected schizophrenia of GM SMRain. Another offseason means another overhaul, with over five impact players leaving while acquiring Steven Jackson and Cliff Avril. When contacted for comment, SMRain said that the team is "a piece of shit and will never make the Super Bowl". While that may be an underestimation of the team, Oakland will prove to be somewhere between a playoff contender and their annual team of playoff choke artists.

Philadelphia Eagles
Notable Pickups: C Conor Ford
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 7-9
Prediction: 8-8
Summary: Philadelphia followed up a mediocre season with a quiet offseason. The only notable transaction was the addition of a rookie center via the draft. In the competitive NFC West, the Eagles should remain in mediocrity.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Notable Pickups: QB Okoye Palmer, HB Rashard Mendenhall, DE Elvis Dumervil, WR Eric Decker
Notable Losses: QB Ben Roethlisberger, WR Mike Wallace, DE Cameron Heyward, FS Eric Weddle
Last Season: 6-10
Prediction: 5-11
Summary: In a tumultuous offseason, GM Mauvestorm decided to change-up a team that finished at a miserable 6-10 the past season. Through the release of "Big Rapist" Roethlisberger, trade of numerous starters, and acquisition of several big name players, Pittsburgh's roster looks very different from past seasons. However, the dominance of Cincinnati and imminent emergence of both Cleveland and Baltimore will push the Steelers to the bottom of the division.

San Diego Chargers
Notable Pickups: LB Banks Brown, LG Abraham Fisher
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 4-12
Prediction: 4-12
Summary: As much of a disappointment as every season, the Chargers did little during the offseason to increase their chances of winning under GM zoufan. With the acquisition of several good young players in the draft, San Diego is still a very old team that will need to overhaul the roster to compete in the future.

Seattle Seahawks
Notable Pickups: None
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 8-8
Prediction: 3-13
Summary: The Seahawks have gone from a decent team to a horrendous team in one offseason. GM Da_Real_CT showed he's not up to snuff by failing to even sign their drafted rookies, and made no moves this offseason to improve the team at all. Even in a weak NFC West, Seattle will still prove to be a cellar-dweller.

San Francisco 49ers
Notable Pickups: DE Cameron Heyward
Notable Losses: WR Josh Morgan
Last Season: 12-4
Prediction: 13-3
Summary: Last season's Super Bowl champions look primed for a repeat season - GM Prince did little tinkering to an already stacked roster. Simply put, San Francisco will win their division and contend for another Super Bowl appearance.

St. Louis Rams
Notable Pickups: CB Aaron Williams
Notable Losses: SS Quentin Mikell
Last Season: 10-6
Prediction: 9-7
Summary: St. Louis proved to be relatively inactive during the offseason, with GM clutch acquiring young corner Aaron Williams and cutting veteran Quentin Mikell being the only significant moves. The Rams have a decent team, and in a relatively weak NFC should have a chance at a wild-card spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Notable Pickups: LB DeMarcus Ware
Notable Losses: WR Mike Williams
Last Season: 13-3
Prediction 11-5
Summary: The Buccaneers were somewhat active during the offseason, trading away receiver Mike Williams and acquiring veteran DeMarcus Ware in the process. Outside of this trade, GM LUCAS did little to improve the team, but the team still has plenty of talent. Look for Tampa Bay to regress slightly, but still take control of the NFC South.

Tennessee Titans
Notable Pickups: None
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 9-7
Prediction: 7-9
Summary: The Titans look like a mediocre team, and GM AZRush did little to change that appearance this offseason. Look for Tennessee to be a contender in the AFC South if the teams are as closely matched as last season.

Washington Redskins
Notable Pickups: None
Notable Losses: None
Last Season: 10-6
Prediction: 10-6
Summary: Washington was inactive during the offseason, having traded their first and second round picks during the season and doing nothing in free agency. GM bigt has put together a good team over the past several seasons, and should be in competition for a wild card spot in the weak NFC.

Franchise Record: 224-209
Playoffs Record: 3-6

Madden 15 (Broncos): 15-24
Season 27: 3-4
Season 26: 9-7 (3rd Division)
Season 25: 3-13 (4th Division)

Madden 25 (Broncos): 61-28
Season XX: 2-1 (DNF)
Season 24: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)
Season 23: 12-4 (1st Division, L in Super Bowl)
Season XX: 5-1 (DNF)
Season 22: 9-7 (2nd Division)
Season 21: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)
Season 20: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)

Madden 13 (49ers) Season XX: 4-5 (DNF)

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