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Jaguars Den

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Jaguars Den

Post by RG on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:44 am

This is the 1st installment of the Jaguars Den. Here we will discuss everything and anything regarding the team we all know and love the Jacksonville Jaguars. We will bring you up to date news from FA signings, Trade acquisitions, etc. So lets kick things off with a bang as we discuss jacksonville's recent roster moves.


MLB REY MAUALUGA: Acquired from the Bengals along with a 1st rd pick. Maualuga looks to sure up that linebacker core that also features Clint Session and Daryl Smith.
QB RYAN FITZPATRICK & CB LEODIS MCKELVIN: Acquired from the Bills in a 3 team trade
QB RYAN MALLET: Acquired from the Patriots. After the trade of Gabbert the Jags look to secure a QB of the future and may have found that shining light in Mallet. Jags also snagged a 2nd rd pick from NE as well.
HB RASHARD MENDENHALL: After a shocking deal that saw MJD traded to Cincinnati due to the contract disputes between ownership and MJD; the jags quickly went out and got themselves a mighty fine replacement in the form of Mendenhall.


HB MAURICE JONES-DREW: Everyone knew this was coming it was just a matter of when, and when is now ladies and gentlemen as the jags have parted ways with the defending rushing champion from last year shipping him off to Cincinnati.
MLB PAUL POSLUSZNY: After the acquisition of Maualuga the jags felt it was the right time to move big Pos. They were able to get what they feel is the QB of the future in Ryan Mallet as well as a solid 2nd rd pick in return.

It is uncertain at the moment if the jags will add anyone to the roster via Free Agency, but we will be sure to keep you informed if they do.



Now with the season about a month away the Jaguars prepare for the 1st week of the preseason. Jaguars had to say goodbye to a few faces so far as they had to trim the roster down from 75 to 70. No notable names were cut today. Jaguars had a solid 1st practice things seem to go smoothly. WR Cecil Shorts III had a good showing in practice today as he practiced with the 1st team in place of Robinson who was away from team due to personal reasons, but we expect him back on the practice field soon.

The preseason opened up at home at Everbank Field as they took on the defending SB Champion NY Giants. The gm was pretty relaxed for the most part as the starters went the whole 1st quarter and left with the score 3-3. The 2nd Qtr didnt go so well for the jags as Henne couldn't seem to get into rhythm overthrowing receivers and taking 4 sacks, which allowed the defending champs to get out to a 16-3 lead at the half. The 3rd Qtr began how the 2nd ended with Henne throwing his 3rd INT of the gm. Lucky for him Jacksonville's defense came to play as they were able to record a total of 7 takeaways including 6 INTs, and 1 Fumble and recovery. They also managed to get to Eli Manning 1 time and David Carr twice. The defense ignited the jags who had themselves quite the Qtr scoring 17 unanswered themselves. Highlight by WR Shorts III on a beautiful in and out route that had the defender guessing which freed him up for the TD. Going into the 4th the jags now led 20-16. The 4th Qtr went back and forth for a little while until Chad Henne was able to connect with WR West for the TD and some breathing room. Things got a lil scary though as that jags def slipped up late and gave up a TD which brought the score to 27-24. After a jaguar punt the giants had the ball looking to take the lead and possibley the gm, but again that jaguar defense stepped up and recorded their 6th INT of the gm. That one would seal the gm for the jags as they start the preseason off on a high note and a W. What a way to begin the preseason with a nail biter, down to the last drive. Cant beat that football fans.



Henne 10/25 threw for 2 TDs and 3 INTs
Jennings 20 rushing attempts for 98 yrds and a TD
Shorts III 3 rec for 69 yrds and a TD


Middleton had 4 tackles and 2 Sacks
Smith had 4 tackles and 2 INTs
Maualuga forced the games only fumble.


Up next for the Jaguars are the Saints at the Superdome.

Thats all the time we have this week. We'll see next time right here in the JAGUARS DEN.

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Re: Jaguars Den

Post by RG on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:50 pm

Another Day and the Jags continue to try n bolster up their team with its new recent acquisitions. The Jaguars have sent young LT Monroe and C Brewster to Arizona, in return they acquire C Sendlin a solid pass blocking center as well as LT Young who has potential to be developed into a really solid player. Jaguars also received Arz 2013 1st rd pick. that makes 3 1st rd picks for the jags next year look for them to sure up some holes they have real soon. When asked about their draft picks HC Keith Snow had this to say " Im very excited to see that we are going to have a significant amount of picks in the 1st rd. It will allow us to plug up some necessary holes as well as possibly improve at certain positions."

Jaguars also reached a deal with the Denver Broncos sending FB Jones in a deal that got them back a promising RT Harris. Jaguars seem to be looking to form a very formidable pass blocking offensive line. So far its looking pretty good.

Thats all the news we have for you right now stay tuned as im sure there will be more to come.

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Re: Jaguars Den

Post by RG on Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:24 pm

In a STUNNING out the blue move the Jaguars have just acquired CB Cortland Finnegan from the Rams. This news coming just shortly after practice 2day. Finnegan will join the team tomorrow and will be in uniform against the Saints. The Jags have solidified a secondary that already included veteran Rashean Mathis, Young guns Derek Cox & Leodis Mckelvin. QBs beware as this tandem looks poised to make throwing in their direction a nightmare.

Jacksonville held practice today and Maualuga made his presence felt early with a pick 6. This is looking like it was a great move by jacksonville to bring him in.

Roster Cuts

C Meester: Jags felt it was time for Meester to go as they traded for a younger C.
QB Fitzpatrick: after trading for Mallet the Jags felt like that Fitzpatrick's contract was one they didn't wanna take on freeing up a little over 2 mil in cap space.

Stay tuned tomorrow folks as we will be bringing you a post gm report from Jacksonville's 2nd preseason gm versus the Saints.

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Re: Jaguars Den

Post by RG on Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:40 pm

Due to an unfortunate technical issue we aren't able to get to post gm highlights for week 2 of the preseason. All we know is that our Jaguars took a loss at the hands of the Saints, putting the Jags preseason rec at 1-1.

Week 4 Preseason Jags Clip Ravens

Chad Henne shined this week as he threw for 220 yrds and 2 TDs. It looked like everyone got in the action as every rec was able to record at least 1 catch. Jags defense was again in full affect in the 1st half as they were able to pick off Taylor twice, as well as record a sack. At the end of the half the jags were in full control leading 24-6.

Start of the 2nd half was one to be forgotten as Laurent Robinson fumbled the 2nd half kick off giving Bal fantastic field position. Jaguar def came up big holding that potent offense to only 3 on that drive. After a 3 n out Bal again was poised to score as they drove down the field with relative ease only to have Taylor throw a goal line INT. His receiver slipped on his route giving Prosinski an easy pick. The 2nd half seems to be some form of kryptonite because the jaguar offense became inept, unable to get 1st downs, receivers dropping passes, over thrown passes. it was 3 and out after 3 and out after 3 and out. Bal finally cracked in with a TD late making the score 24-19 with about 3 mis or so in the gm. After yet another 3 and out Bal had the ball driving to try and steal this gm from Jacksonville. That def that worked so hard to keep the jags ahead were tasked with their biggest challenge of the night. Prevent Bal from winning this gm on this drive. And wouldn't you know it jags defense steps up makes a play gets the INT to seal the victory for the Jaguars. 24-19 is your final score.

REC: 2-1




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Re: Jaguars Den

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