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Yaozer 35
phil 14

M11 - SEASON 5

Yaozer 38
Hellcat 28

M11 - SEASON 6

Justice 20
Langston 17

M11 - SEASON 7

Yaozer 30

M12 - SEASON 8

PTC 31
Lethal 30

M12 - SEASON 9

Yaozer 34
BigRed 31

M12 - SEASON 10

PTC 17
Prince 16

M12 - SEASON 11

Prince 45
Philly 28

M12 - SEASON 12

Hellcat 35
NorrinRadd 33

M12 - SEASON 13

NorrinRadd 28
Philly 17

Week 11 Pick Em

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Week 11 Pick Em

Post by Coach Cow News on Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:02 pm

The Spill With I totally just farted B*@h
Hello fellow EOTPers. Welcome to a new segment, The Spill w/I totally just farted B*@h. In this segment, I give you the spill on what I think will be the outcome of upcoming games. With Week 10 already in progress, I will have to move on to Week 11. So here we go!

Bills (5-4) (Hellcat) @ Dolphins (4-5) (BigRed) – For this game, I’m going to have to go with Buffalo. Mr. Tannehill has been struggling a bit with his release point the past couple weeks. The frustration has visibly been getting to Coach Red on the sidelines, who was seen cracking his headphones over a ballboy’s face.

Redskins (6-3) (Fenrir2772) @ Eagles (5-3) (Phenom912) – Quite a matchup here. This game is certainly in the running for game of the week, as both teams within inches of claiming first place, along with the Dallas Cowboys. In our first season, I am still learning all of the owners. I’ll flip the coin and take Washington.

Lions (2-6) (ConstipatedCow8) @ Packers (2-7) (ImmortalCry) – The Packers have faced a tough schedule thus far. While they have kept a few of their games close, they have also lost to some bad teams. Meanwhile, recently hired Coach Cow came away with his first win vs. winless Jacksonville, if that is saying much. I’ll take the Packers in this one.

Falcons (3-5) (edgarh33) @ Cardinals (4-5) (AZxRush) – Even matchup. Game is in Arizona so I’ll go with the home team.

Panthers (6-2) (AtomicMartian) @ Bucs (3-5) (passthedicks) – This one is pretty easy. The Bucs have had a couple sparks, but the Panthers are on fire. Panthers.

Cowboys (6-2) (Yaozer) @ Browns (7-2) (Rolph) – Game of the Week right here. The Cowboys face Coach Rolph and the scary Trent Richardson. If Dallas takes this, they will remain in position for first place in the league’s toughest division, at least until next week. In this division, Coach Yaozer can’t afford to lose. Meanwhile, TRich might very well break some records this season. It’s tough, but I’ll take Cleveland in this one.

Rams (3-6) (PhillyDieHard) @ Jets (7-1) (Clutch) – The Jets are on a roll. They’ll keep it going this week with a win over St. Louis.

Patriots (5-4) (Muave) @ Colts (4-4) (Krace) – Both teams are having OK seasons so far. I like the Patriots’ personnel a little more.

Texans (7-2) (Norrin) @ Jaguars (0 - Cool (Tr33) – The Jaguars have shown they have an offense that can move the ball. However, Mallet needs to be more consistent and prove that he can minimize the mistakes. I’m taking Houston.

Chiefs (2-7) (Chrometheus) @ Bengals (2-7) (melrosekid) – Two teams, identical records. I’ll go with the Chiefs.

Raiders (8-1) (Rain) @ Saints (6-2) (lethalbadger) – This game took second for Game of the Week. The Raiders have benefited from a weak schedule, so it will be interesting to see how they measure up here. This will be a true test for Coach Rain. In the meantime, Coach Badger and the Saints are coming off an impressive win vs. the Eagles in Week 9. It’s going to be close, but I think the Saints take this one.

Broncos (2-6) (War) @ Chargers (1-7) (Legacy) – Haven’t seen much of anything from these two teams. I’ve seen less from the Chargers. Denver for the win.

Steelers (7-2) (OP) @ Ravens (2-7) (zoufan) – Not much of a contest here. Pittsburgh will roll right through their AFC North rival.

49ers (6-3) (oOxPrincexOo) @ Bears (Chilly) (7-2) – Great matchup, but I think Chicago’s got the slight edge.

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