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Week 15 Pick Em

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Week 15 Pick Em

Post by Coach Cow News on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:38 pm

Cris Picks

Week 11 Picks – 8-6
Week 13 Picks – 14-2
Overall: 22-8

I don’t know if I’m a genius, or if there were just that many bad matchups in Week 13. Either way, going 14-2 ain’t too shabby eh boys? We’re now getting to the nitty gritty as we enter Week 15. The playoffs are right around the corner, and a number of teams are still fighting to get in. Lets see what we got.

Eagles 6-6 (Phenom) @ Bengals 3-10 (melrosekid)

Bears 9-4 (Chilly) @ Packers 3-10 (immortal) – Bears/Vikings are neck and neck with eachother in the division. The Packers are merely playing spoiler and could be an obstacle for the Chi-Town gang. Bears will pull it through though.

Falcons 5-8 (edgarh) @ Giants 2-11 (bustur)

Saints 10-3 (lethal) @ Bucs 3-9 (passthecows)

Rams 4-9 (phillydiehard) @ Vikings 8-5 (dasamman) – Vikings need every win they can get from this point forward. Like CHI, MIN is also playing a tough opponent, regardless of the record. However, I think the Vikes too will pull through. This NFC North race is going to the bitter end.

Browns 8-5 (rolph) @ Redskins 9-4 (Fenrir) - If there is anytime to take down the Browns, it is now. They are coming off a Week 13 loss to Oakland and a Week 14 upset against the Chiefs. Momentum is everything, and Coach Fenrir hopes to get ‘em while they’re down.

Dolphins 6-7 (BigRed) @ Jags 1-12 (tr33)- Dolphins are on a late-season surge. They’re going to need some help, but they are right back in the playoff race. Meanwhile, the Jags are vying for that #1 pick.

Ravens 2-11 (zoufan) @ Broncos 5-8 (War) – Good thing I wasn’t making picks last week, because the Broncos were the administrators of another Week 14 upset, this time vs. Oakland. Denver should keep it going this week.

Texans 11-2 (Norrin) @ Colts 8-5 (Krace24) – Colts are going to need a miracle to catch the Texans, and it has to start here. The division is close to being wrapped up, as I think Houston takes the win.

Cards 4-8 (AzRush) @ Lions 3-10 (Coach Cow)

Chargers 3-10 (Legacy) @ Panthers 10-3 (atomicmartian)

Bills 9-4 (Hellcat) @ Seahawks 10-2 (Wolf) – Seattle has been on a roll all season. Coming off a Week 13 win against Chicago, Coach Wolf faces another formidable opponent in Coach Hellcat and the Buffalo Bills. I really don’t know what to think of Buffalo, as they have lost to teams like Arizona and Tennessee… but beaten teams like HOU and CLE. HOU is my AFC favorite… So this one’s tough. Based off the schedule, SEA seems a little more consistent. GOTW Honorable Mention.

Cowboys 11-2 (Yaozer) @ Steelers 10-3 (OP) – Game of the Week material right here. The Cowboys are my favorite to win it in the NFC. Other than being upset by the Bucs way back in Week 3, the Cowboys have handled most of their opponents, with their only other loss coming against CAR. The Steelers, meanwhile, have one of the top defenses in the league and are coming off a 55-10 thrashing of SD. If the defense can hold steady, DAL is in for a long night. However, I am sure Coach Yaozer has been watching loads of tape from Week 12, when CLE beat PIT 48-28… Very interesting matchup here, but I’ll side with Dallas.

Raiders 11-2 (Rain) @ Chiefs 5-8 (Chrome)- What was a pretty bad matchup just a few weeks ago now looks like a game to keep your eye on. KC is coming off a big upset win vs CLE, while the Raiders are coming off a big upset loss vs. DEN. Just when I thought the Raiders were for real after beating CLE, they let me down vs. DEN. It’s sketchy, but I’ll give the edge to Oakland.

Pats 6-7 (Mauve) @ 49ers 8-5 (Prince)

Titans 3-10 (Fear) @ Jets 10-3 (Clutch)

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