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Owner Record
Lazereyes 4-2
V1ol3nt 4-3
Dasa 1-6
charlie 1-6


Owner Record
Warren 6-0
Mauve 3-3
Obama 2-4
Justiceleague 2-5


Owner Record
Hellcat 6-0
Elite 4-2
BigRed 3-4
mota 2-4


Owner Record
Rain 6-1
tdwheat 3-4
War 3-4
Parker 1-5
Super Bowl History

M10 - SEASON 1

ddhamaka 21
Yaozer 13

M10 - SEASON 2

Mauve 31
BigRed 3

M11 - SEASON 3

Wiggler 36
Elite 33

M11 - SEASON 4

Yaozer 35
phil 14

M11 - SEASON 5

Yaozer 38
Hellcat 28

M11 - SEASON 6

Justice 20
Langston 17

M11 - SEASON 7

Yaozer 30

M12 - SEASON 8

PTC 31
Lethal 30

M12 - SEASON 9

Yaozer 34
BigRed 31

M12 - SEASON 10

PTC 17
Prince 16

M12 - SEASON 11

Prince 45
Philly 28

M12 - SEASON 12

Hellcat 35
NorrinRadd 33

M12 - SEASON 13

NorrinRadd 28
Philly 17

Probationary Owner Period

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Probationary Owner Period

Post by War on Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:40 pm

Following recent events and league history concerning the presence of temporary owners who have in the past drastically altered teams only to leave shortly later, a new rule will be going into effect as of this offseason--a trial owner label.

With the label of "Probationary Owner" you will be limited in trades to a fewer number and trades of high overall players will be heavily scrutinized before they can be approved. The label will exist until the owner has lasted a full season in EOTP, thus establishing some standing within the league.

Fear not recently joined owners (as of the time of this post) for you have been here long enough to avoid this label.

The rules are as follows for Probationary Owners:
-Limitation of trades to only 3 per season and offseason.
-All trades involving 1st or 2nd round picks (acquiring or trading away) will be discussed by the committee before approval.
-All trades involving 85 overall or higher players (acquiring or trading away) will be discussed by the committee before approval.
-Any moves not deemed to be in the future well-being of the team will be vetoed by the committee.

These rules are fluid according with the wishes of the committee, and may be changed at any time or slightly vary between individual situations.

RULE ADDITION 09/16/2014:
Effective immediately, the committee may chose to demote an owner to a probationary owner should there be issues with following league rules in game play or other violations.

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Season XX: 5-1 (DNF)
Season 22: 9-7 (2nd Division)
Season 21: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)
Season 20: 11-5 (2nd Division, L in Wildcard)

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