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Seahawks 2013 NFL Draft Analysis

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Seahawks 2013 NFL Draft Analysis

Post by AC Moneymaker on Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:45 pm

Seattle Seahawks

Round 2 Pick 62: Christine Micheal RB Texas A&M

Pick Analysis: Where do the Seahawks go when they don't have any glaring needs? Well Schneider and Carroll decided it was best to secure the long term future at running back. Marshawn Lynch ain't getting any younger, and Robert Turbin hasn't shown he can be the longterm replacement when Lynch is gone. Turbin is more of a completementary back. Where in Christine Michael ya get an athletic playmaker with home run ability. He hasn't shown the durability you would like to see, which is a major question mark. But adding Micheal gives the Seahawks another explosive weapon for Russell Wilson to utilize.

Overall Grade: B-

Why? Well the Seahawks were able to move back, and then use one of those picks to move up and trade with the Lions to draft Jesse Williams. Of course they filled a long term future at RB when Lynch eventually departs. The only reason I'm holding back on this grade is because Arthur Brown was selected by the Ravens when they traded up with us...Now I believe OLB was a need considering Leroy Hill's age and declining abilities. Arthur Brown is an athletic specimen who would of fit right in Seattle next to Bobby Wagner, and Co. Instantly taking Hill's spot on the defense and providing an immediate upgrade.

*Wanna look at more tape on the other guys we draft before I continue*

AC Moneymaker

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Re: Seahawks 2013 NFL Draft Analysis

Post by AC Moneymaker on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:05 pm

Round 3 Pick 25: Jordan Hill DT Penn State

Draft Analysis: I honestly haven't heard of Jordan Hill from Penn State before the Seahawks drafted them with there 3rd round pick. After watching some tape he tends to get pushed off the ball by bigger and stronger offensive linemen to easily. Definitely needs so add some strength he ever wants to be a starter. His height, which some people seem as a knock, he actually uses as an advantage with leverage to get offensive linemen off balance. Also doesn't have a tremendous burst to disrupt linemen either. One of the best thing he does is use his hands to shed blocks and make tackles on the ball carrier. That's the biggest thing I noticed with him.

Overall Grade: C+

If he can add strength he can turn into a strong rotational defensive linemen as he already uses his leverage, and hands very well. Definitely fits our need of needing a defensive tackle. Would of rather had Akeem Spence the defenive tackle out of Illinois. Spence is a physical specimen who rarely tires. Really strong, and rarely gets pushed off the line. Doesn't show proper technique, but that can be taught...The physical tools you're given.

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