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Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

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Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

Post by warren123 on Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:33 am

With 25% of the regular season in the books we've seen a lot of surprises.  War's Broncos put on the konami code to move to 4-0 while Rain's Raiders managed to pick up 200 draft picks in next years draft and still win now.  In the NFC, apparently trading Greg Hardy was all the Panthers needed for a 4-0 start while Zoufan has started at 2-2 in a tough division.

Carolina Panthers 4-0

Who would have thought the Panthers would be the #1 team in the power rankings?  A defense giving up 195 yards per game leads the pack.  Either Baracka has figured out the chew clock feature to drain the clock or knows how to beat the CPU teams well.  Two huge wins over OP's Bucs and Yao's Cowboys combined with pillaging of CPU opponents put the Panthers up top…for now.

Oakland Raiders 4-0

It was only a matter of time until Raiders owner Rain annoyed everyone enough in the chat to either trade him players or draft picks.  Somehow someone bit on some guy named Nick Roach as Rain creates bidding wars of players no one wants.  Rain has added a few auto responses to the chat such as "War wants Nick Roach" "Bama wants Nick Roach" and another favorite "Rolph wants Nick Roach" until Firebomb came late to the party to give a pick away.  With all that being said, Rain has the Raiders looking sharp with Latavius Murray on pace for 300 carries.  With the Chargers on deck after the bye, the real test for the Raiders begins in week 6.

New England Patriots 4-0
After purchasing 15 sets of the QB retire package, coach Elite still has Tom Brady's decaying body playing QB in the league.  After installing robot parts to feel pressure, the 58 year old signal caller has taking a whopping 0 sacks on the season.  While the SoS is laughable (2 combined wins between 4 opponents) the real talk of the Pats camp is how Brady is spreading the ball around.  With no one going Sammy Watkins, coach Elite has at least 6 players with 9 or more catches.  With playing only 3 teams with a winning record the rest of the season for now, we'll see if the Pats can keep up the dominance over the winless.

Buffalo Bills 4-0

The Buffalo Sammy Watkins have gotten off to a big start beating 2 playoff teams from last season.  With the Chargers and the Patriots coming up before the bye coach Hellcat has a tough road ahead but led by 99 Watkins this is possible.  Coach Hellcat is a vet in this league and has appeared in the Super Bowl an amazing 7 times.  Can the Bills keep up the wins and work towards a bye in the playoffs?  No one expects this team to miss the playoffs so the Bills have their eyes set on the…prize…. scratch

Denver Broncos 4-0

After purchasing a game genie coach War took his frustration and hatred of life,work,family and everything else and channeled it into his Madden game.  Now let's not call War another Baracka as he's beaten quality opponents in the Jags and the Chargers.  What's the difference?  Has War hired someone to play his games for him?  With no real visual reasoning stat wise to his wins, has War used his mind to outsmart his opponents?  Demaryius Thomas has 0 tds. Julius Thomas has 0 tds.  What the hell is War doing?  Week 7 is a  AFC West showdown for the Broncos as they face the Raiders and this will be a big test for both teams as the rest of the season plays out.

Arizona Cardinals 4-0

The San Francisco Giants of the EOTP, one of the quietest winning teams, the Cardinals once again got off to a hot start.  A team with 1 rushing TD on the year, former Bronco Brock Osweiler has led the Cardinals to an undefeated start.  A huge divisional win VS top player and Seahawks owner HOF, the Cardinals next block of the season is incredibly soft.  Expect this team to be 8-0 by the halfway point unless coach Bama decides to play like the player he should be and win some games.

San Diego Chargers 2-1

The defending Super Bowl champ had a week 4 bye and sits at 2-1.  With 2 blow outs and a tough loss to demigod War, coach TDWheat will look to get back on track with two brutal games coming up with the Bills and Raiders.  Can coach TDWheat run enough HB Counters to win?  The running game needs to spark this offense as the wide receivers led by Marquise Goodwin and Eddie Royal Dan hit head on wall makes me want to cry.  Let's not rule this team out for winning both upcoming games and reclaiming the top spot in EOTP.

Seattle Seahawks 3-1

The 3-1 Seahawks will be in the playoffs, it's just a matter of earning the bye week with the tough Cardinals sitting 4-0.  With no real WR core and Robert Turbin starting at RB, can coach HOF get his defense to bring him to a championship?  With 12 INTs and 15 sacks through 4 games, I believe we can say yes.  The Seahawks need to continue to play championship D to catch and pass the Cardinals in a tight division.

Minnesota Vikings 3-1

The cheeseaholic Minnesota Vikings are sitting atop the weakest division in EOTP and figures to be a shoe in for the playoffs.  With big games on the schedule against the Seahawks/Raiders/Broncos and Cardinals coach Lone needs to play these games like they are all playoff games and not get used to his weak division.  With AP with 7 TDs already on the year, the Vikings seem likely to compete for a BYE week on the back of AP.

Washington Redskins 2-2

The 2-2 Redskins lead a division that will most likely resemble the NFC over the past few years, 8-8 or 9-7 will take the division.  With Alfred Morris averaging almost 6 YPC the Redskins has put the halt on the offense opening up for RG3 and go with a run heavy approach.  With the addition of DE Greg Hardy, Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan have another pass rusher that leads this team to a astonishing 12 points against per game.

Rankings 11-20:

11) New Orleans Saints:  Coach Philly was super hyped after his 2-0 start then lost a game to hopefully get his mind right and refocus on throwing to Jimmy Graham every play.

12) Baltimore Ravens:  4 Tds and 8 INTs for Flacco, while he's playing SIM with those numbers as they reflect real life, it doesn't get you wins in Madden.

13) Cleveland Browns:  As long as Rolph can stay out of jail he should compete for biggest troll and a wildcard shot.

14) Chicago Bears:  Coach Firebomb with probably his best start in EOTP.  Somehow coming into the chat and only talking about your team will lead to wins.  Firebomb must have learned from Rain.

15) Jacksonville Jaguars:  A solid owner who has the task of getting the Jags to the playoffs.  I wouldn't want to be that guy but apparently Boog is.

16) San Francisco 49ers:  Zou sits at 2-2, has the loss of Patrick Willis set this team back?

17) Indianapolis Colts:  With Marcel Reese selling a record number of jerseys, the Colts have forgot to win games.

18) New York Jets:  Who is Mota?

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Coach OP's X and B buttons must be stuck from throwing to many lob passes to VJax and Mike Evans last year leading to a 2-2 start.

20) Houston Texans:  Constant underachiever Mauve sits at 2-2, this is what we expect nowadays right?  The Texans are better than this.

Rankings 21-32

21) Dallas Cowboys
22) Atlanta Falcons
23) Pittsburgh Steelers
25) Detroit Lions
26) NYG
27) Philadelphia Eagles
28) Miami Dolphins
29) KC Chiefs
30) CPU Rams
31) CPU Titans
32) CPU Bengals

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Re: Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

Post by Hellcat on Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:12 pm


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Re: Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

Post by Firebomb on Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:48 pm

I'm really surprised with War but that being said, practice makes us all better. lets go people, Mount up!


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Re: Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

Post by War on Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:24 pm

It's no secret that I'm fueled by hatred.

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Re: Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

Post by tdwheat on Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:18 am

guess its time to DO WORK! batman!

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Re: Season 2 First Block Power Rankings

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