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Warren Tips #2 User Control On D

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Warren Tips #2 User Control On D

Post by warren123 on Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:14 pm


One of the topics I wanted to discuss was usering players on D.  When, how, whatever.  I know a lot of people use Dlineman and don't want to make that jump because they don't want to mess up their defense but in order to truly have a top notch defense you need to make some plays by yourself.

The first thing you look for in the player you're usering.  You don't want to use Jasper Brinkley and his 27 AGI and ruin every play so if you're going to control say the MLB pick someone with good agi/acc so you can move more freely.  With safety, this applies much less as instead of covering the short middle of the field or a flat, you're going to be running all over.  You may think AGI/ACC matters more here but the difference for DBS is much slighter than LBS.

The second thing you want to do is find your left trigger.  Strafing as an LB makes you square up to the middle of the field and get yourself in position without running like a chicken with your head cut off.  Once you react you can let go and make the play.

The third issue is….making plays.  More than likely you're going to be the MLB in a hook zone, you don't want to be responsible on guarding a TE corner route so more or less you have to own the middle of the field.  One of the biggest transitions from switching from DLINE to LB/DB is now you need to read the offense.  What formation are they in?  What route combos are possible here? Etc, etc.  For example,  If you see I form normal and you're on the MLB, you're going to look for the TE on a post/corner.  Read the TE.  If he hits the flats the WR will be slanting or on a C route.  If you see shotgun 3 wide with a TE, be prepared for vertical crosses or things like that.  Start thinking of what you would do if you were on offense, what looks open, where might your opponent go.

Usering a DB is a little bit different.  You're not going to be running 2 man under and controlling a deep safety, it makes no sense.  More than likely you'll be in a zone look and want to use a DB who's in a hook/flat area like a SS.  Again, read the D. 5 wide?  Watch for screens or verticals.  I form normal? Watch the TE or right WR posting.  Using the FS is a little more tricky but can be very helpful, especially with run defense.  Cover 3 and bringing the FS up in the box can provide extra run support but can also leave a big hole if you mess up.

Lastly, spam the A button.  Players make stupid tackles this year so if you're running into a pile with a player, you might morph through and make a tackle lol.

Also, practice.  It's not going to be pretty at first but once you get the hang of it you now can guard more, give your pass rush help by covering players and make game changing plays.

Hope this helps.

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2-Time Super Bowl Champ

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Re: Warren Tips #2 User Control On D

Post by War on Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:19 am

If you're having trouble on defense, take his advice. I especially like to user the DL, but with a lot of people you simply don't get the necessary pass rush and need to do some user coverage to keep your defense from blowing plays up.

Nice read warren, good job as always.

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