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AFC Breakdown

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AFC Breakdown

Post by Hellcat on Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:23 pm

Well it's that time of year again, and the season is starting back up. so i'm going to breakdown each team in the AFC and give the front runner for playoff spots.

AFC West:
Going back too as long as EOTP has been around. Rain has taken the division with his Raiders year in and year out, with little to no test. This year he will look to repeat his dominance over his division and the entire AFC. With Darren Mcfadden leading his offense, Rain as usual will be running the ball all over teams. But he's not only a good runner, e can pass the ball as well. With speed demons Jacoby Ford, DHB, and his new man crush rookie Moore, Rain has a very underrated passing attack that can take you vertical. Even with losing star TE Zach Miller.
Meanwhile on the defensive side of the ball. He's not worried about losing the best CB in the league, this is madden right? But we'll have to see how his plan of starting two rookies goes. Defensive line is very strong, but rumors are that he's shopping quite a few players??? We'll have to see how his defense holds up against the pass.

Overall:12-4 AFC West Champs

And the home of the Chiefs!!!!!!!(don't know what im refering too..well you suck) Philly has been hired as a quick replacement for the KC Chiefs. The Chiefs have a dominant rushing attack led by Jamal Charles. Who Philly we need to utilize right away. He's got a big task ahead of him, he has to dethrone the Rain somehow, and if it's going to happen, he's going to have to be able to run the ball on Rains stingy run defense. But don't get too one focused on the run, remember you have that guy named Dwayne Bowe? yah he's a beast. Add Steve Breaston, rookie Johnathon Baldwon and TE Tony Moaeki. and you have a dangerous passing attack that can stretch the field and play the short game as well.

Chiefs defense looks sharper then ever. With star players such as S Eric Berry, CB Brandon Flowers, OLB Tamba Hali, and new addition DT Kelly Craig. The Chiefs defense is going to surprise people if Philly can utilize them in the right way. Get pressaure on the QB, and you're DB's will be fine. Tamba Hali was traded to Buffalo in lasts years madden, and he recorded over 40+ sacks in 3 seasons. Will Philly be able to utilize him the way Hellcat did?

Overall: 8-8 2nd in AFC West

Can't say much about the new guys in the division until i see more of you guys.

AFC South:
Well...this division couldent be harder to pick. there has not been a great owner to rule the AFC South. and with only one returning owner from the original division (Warmaster) i think this could be the NFC west of last years NFL. With someone going 8-8 or 9-7 and taking the division. i have only played two players in this division. Warmaster and Sqeak. so i will breakdown those two.

Warmaster is a good player...No one look at preivous records and say lol 8-8 or lol 9-7. He has come close to beating many good owners in the past. He now has more talent then ever with the JagWires. With David Garrard leading the...oh wait....That's right, Blaine Gabbert will be starting. Well in that case With Blaine Gabbert leading the charge for War, he looks immediately towards his dominant run game. With MJD leading the way behind a young and great offensive line. War's run game really needs to be a factor for him this year. His passing game is weak, after losing Sims-Walker to the Rams in FA. You better come out of the gate running, because it's gonna carry you too the playoffs War.

Now, his defense is the "bright spot" if you say on his team. With additions such as DE Matt Roth, OLB Clint Session, ILB Paul Posluszny and SS Dawan Landry. His defense looks better then ever. He still maintains his favourite peices in Terrance Knighton and Tyson Allah (lol). His defense will be a major upgrade from last years madden, maybe he can defend the pass now?
Overall: 9-7 AFC South Champs

Sqeak enters the franchise as the old Bengals user, he really never was able to get things going with his team. But now he joins the weak AFC South! where he controls an even better team then his Bengals. The Houston Texans. Right away the Texans have a high powered offense that could score on anyone! with QB Matt Schaub leading the way. He should bring a tremondous upgrade over Carson Palmer. And he now has a great weapon to throw too as well in Andre Johnson. Who catches everything thrown his way. Look also for Jacoby Jones too be used heavily in the slot. could be the sleeper that makes the difference. And lastly, he has Arian Foster. Which should bring him the ability to be able to pass and run.

Texans defense looks solid.. new additions such as rookies: JJ Watt, Brooks Reed, and Brandon Harris, there defense is instantly upgraded. He has to be able to keep the passing game in check. With his iffy CB's people are going to look to attack them consistantley. His run defense should be fine with a solid front 7 to work with.
Overall: 8-8 just misses the playoffs!

Sorry about the new owners. don't know much about you guys.

AFC North:
The only owner i don't know here is electric so sorry electric but when i do my mid season review you'll be there.

Oh Rolph, burried at the bottom of the North every season, excluding that one where you made the playoffs and got ran on for 200 yards in the 1st qtr (sorry had to mention that lol) Rolph now maintains a team that is on the uprise. But will rolph be able to handle such a thing??? Rolph has always been known for running the ball, and he will continue to do so with the even more overrated Peyton Hillis. Along with his beast Offensive line, he will run the ball until it dosen't work know more. He has Coly Mccoy at the QB position, with sketchy WR's, Rolph will pass only when needed. and rely on the running game to take him to the playoffs.

Rolphs defense has not been his brightside...His run d is very weak, and he's going to have to find someway to stop it. BUT, with Phil Taylor and Jabal Sheard, look for his run D to be upgraded a slight. But it's the player that plays the game, so let's see if he can handle the rushing attack. His pass defense is still a problem, even with TJ Ward and Joe Haden in the secondary, Rolphs primary focus in the off-season should be to upgrade his defense some way.
Overall: 6-10 4th in North

PTC is a owner i know from way back in the days. He's going to be a nice addition to the franchise. And now he takes over the Bengals with a entirely new offense to work with. Rookie QB Andy Dalton will be the starter. And also with 4th OVR draft choice AJ Green, look for PTC to spread the ball out and get it in the air to his young WR's. remember, he also has Jerome Simpson, Ben Tate, and Jordan Shipley. His passing attack should be deadly providing he dosen't turn the ball over Rolling Eyes . Running game is not going to be much of a factor, he'll use it, but the main thing to focus on for PTC is for him to get the ball int he hands of his young WR's.

On defense they have a bunch of criminals..oh wait that's the entire team. Anyways... the defense is looking weak in the secondary with the loss of Joseph. There is Clements and Mays that have been added. But will they produce in PTC's defense? PTC's run D is very strong (off the top of my head it was something that was really stong, just can't remember if it was pass or run) He has great LB's available to him. and with a decent D-line, he willl continue to dominant opposing rushers.
Overall:9-7 2nd in the North.

Lastly there is Mauve, who i think is one of the underrated players in the league. He has a dominant passing game available to him, but in the old days, he was mainly a run first type player. He used to have AP at his hands, now he has Mendenhall. Who is a great runner, but he should learn how to use his great passing attack he has. With Wallace playing vertical threat, he has Hines Ward, Antonio Brown and Sanders for his other WR's, i think he's going to do very well as long as he can commit to his passing game.

The Steelers D his godly as usual. Mauve needs to be very aggresive with the defense. He has tremondus pass rushing abilities with the steel curtain. Harrison, Farrior, Timmons, Woodley, are all great LB's, and put them behind the steelers d-line of Hampton, Kiesel and Smith. Theres really not much i can expand on. Just play defense with the steelers and you're good.
Overall:11-5 AFC North Champs

AFC East:
Oh the AFC East...Personally the toughest division to play (just saying, were that good!) With Hellcat, Reg, Elite and Red. This division is always close and goes down to the wire.

Red Red Red Red Red. I think is the only commish to not have made the playoffs in a Franchise with his team. He now loses his all time favourites Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. But he gains a rookie RB in Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush. It could be a very deadly running attack, or Reds Running can go from one of the best to one of the worst. He's going to have to find a glitch to keep Bush healthy, because every game i have played he gets injured. Thomas will be his primary runner and should. Reds passing attack is led by the almighty Chad Henne with his 75 ACC. He's going to have trouble hitting targets. but Red shouldent worry since has Brandon Marshall catching the ball. Also as he likes to call him " Black Welker" will be seeing a heavy dosage of the ball from the slot. So beware owners. But as usual Red will lead with his running attack. He is probably the only one to run the ball on a 3rd and 13 while down in the 4th QTR. don't question it. It works for him.

His defense is always his weak spot. With his top 15 run D and bleh passing d. he should try and upgrade his defense. Primarily at the secondary. He needs to give his DB's glue or something to be able to catch INT's never happens for him. But like i said, watch out for his run D if you are a primary runner. its a hot and cold defense for Red. At times it looks like the Steelers D, or it could look like the Bills D! But can red finally break out? It can happen, and i think it will.
Overall: 8-8 4th in East

Reg comes back into M12 with his Patriots and his dominant offense. He will try and utilize the speed he has and get his crossing routes going. Tom Brady..nothing much to say about him... hes a beast. Reg's main attack is the pass, but he started to come out of his shell and break out the run game on users. Look for him to have more of a balanced attack now. And please no one give him 90+ rated WR's.

his defense is good. needs to work on the pass d a little and he can claim the division from hellcat.
His run D is superb.
Overall:10-6 2nd in East

Elite, once at top of his madden game fell off a bit. He now looks back to regain some of that elite satus he once had. He takes a Jets offense that is loaded with talent. Santonio Holmes is going to be his #1 target on offense, followed by his TE Dustin Keller. He also has his running attack which was pretty inconsistant.At times he can put 200 yards on you with Greene and Tomlison, and sometimes they go for 45 combined. he needs to work on the consistency on the run game. Pass game is already there.

His defense is always set. Revis and Cromartie are back yet again to show they are the best CB tandem in the league. With top notch LB's, Elites aggresive defense is going to be a go big or go home. Justlike Mr. ryan taught him!
His defense is pretty inconsistent, now he does have very good DB's, i always able to pass on them very easily. so keep you're eye out for that.
Overall: 10-6 2nd in East

Hellcat has taken the division every year since the league has opened up. But the Jets and Pats are not far behind. Hellcat's offense last year got pretty one sided. And that was to throw the ball all game long. But word is on the street, thathe want's a more balanced attack this year. He has Ryan Fitzpatrick coming out as the teams starter. can he lead them to another 1st season Super Bowl in Madden 12? At the WR position, he has Stevie Johnson who is going to be his obvious go to WR. He then has his very young WR core behind stevie, with Marcus Easley and Donald Jones lining up behind him. There all going to be heavy contributors to the offesne. In the running game, Fred Jackson will be the starter, with Spiller taking the 3rd down roll and passing situations. Johnny White could see some time in there as well.

On defense is where Hellcat made his money in Madden 11. Jairus Byrd leading the team in the secondary, the pass D is stronger then ever. The run D was always a problem for hellcat, but that looks to be far behind with Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus on the line. As like last year, look out for Hellcats defense. makes the money for him.
(hate to put myself first, but until someone dethrones me, i'm gonna have too)
Overall: 12-4 AFC East Champs.

Playoff Standings:
1)Raiders: 12-4 Bye
2)Bills: 12-4 Bye
3)Steelers: 11-5
5)Jets: 10-6
6)Pats: 10-6

Wild Card Round:
Jets Vs Jagwires- Jets 24-Jags 17
Pats Vs Steelers- Pats 21-Steelers 20

Division Round:
Jets Vs Bills- Jets 17-Bills 35
Pats Vs Raiders- Pats 24-Raiders 27

Conference Round:
Bills Vs Raiders- Bills 20-Raiders 21

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2-Time Super Bowl Champ

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